HQA Pdf Drawing Ballooning Automation

Automate your drawing ballooning process in one click !
The HQA Inspection Manager will eliminate manual ballooning of inspection drawings and manual creation of inspection sheets for first article and in-process inspections and measurement process.

Key functions and features

  1. Quickly created ballooned inspection drawings from your PDF drawing, or scanned drawings.
  2. Instantly export to inspection report form including AS9102, ISO/TS 16949 PPAP or create unlimited custom Excel reports.
  3. Quickly handle drawing revision with powerful functions to detect drawing changes
  4. Automate final inspection report generation with CMM measurement results and measurement data from other equipment.

A. A typical PDF Engineering Drawing (before ballooning)

B. PDF Drawing being ballooned with one click !

Key Benefits :

  • Reduce cycle time by 90%
  • Significant cost reduction
  • High accuracy
  • ROI in weeks not months
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Powerful features to handle drawing revision :

HQA Inspection Manager revision control feature lets you compare a newly revised drawing to an already ballooned drawing to see what’s changed.

New items show up in blue, items to be deleted show as red. Print or save a PDF of the comparison for reference, then accept the changes and easily insert or delete data from your original drawing without having to start over from scratch.

Any changes on new version of drawing will be detected automatically and highlighted in blue & red color

Powerful view control function which allow user to select the required
object to balloon as per process sequence

Instant Reporting with CMM Measurement Results :

Eliminate manual report preparations and save valuable time! With HQA Inspection Manager, simply import CMM measurements, add inspection results, merge pro- ject data then convert it all into industry-standard and fully compliant inspection report forms, including FAI, PPAP and more. What used to require hours of work can now be done in minutes !

Powerful features to compare measurement results with drawing spec

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