SMART QMS – Continuous Improvement (CI) Module

Continuous Improvement System for six sigma, lean manufacturing, Quality Control Circle (QCC), etc.

Introduction :

Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to
improve products, services or processes. These efforts can seek
“incremental” improvement over time or “breakthrough” improvement all
at once.  The common continuous
improvement methodologies are six sigma, lean six sigma, lean manufacturing,
Quality Control Circle (QCC), and Small Group Activity (SGA).


Continuous improvement
initiatives is a must for an organization to ensure their products or services
can constantly meet customer increasing demand. 
However, regardless of improvement methodologies as mentioned above, a
lot of resources and manpower is needed to ensure the projects are well managed
and achieve the required results. 

Very often, the project champion, six sigma master black belt or team
leader is busy with handling various paper works or report submitted by each
team.  Furthermore, they need to track
the progress for each team to ensure the required deadline is met.  Normally, this is carried out through Excel
spread sheet which is manually updated and monitored.


Through years of six
sigma implementations experience, the lean six sigma consultant from Blue Ocean
Data Solutions has developed SMART QMS – CI module to automate the entire
process right from improvement theme selection, online approval of project,
selection of team members, identification of key activities for each phase of improvement
activities, ongoing progress monitoring, auto project gantt chart monitoring,
and calculation of both tangible and intangible benefits.

features and functions :

  • The system is designed such that can
    accommodate any improvement initiatives such as six sigma, lean six sigma,
    small group activities , quality control circle, etc.  
  • Work flow control according to the
    pre-defined improvement methodology
  • Pre-defined template which has the
    flexibility to define the activities or tools to be used for each phases of
    improvement initiatives. 
  • Allow multiple improvement initiatives templates
    to be setup to cater for different needs
  • Project champion or leader leader has full
    control on project deadline
  • Auto email alert notification to management
    and team members especially target complete date is not met.
  • Powerful online continuous improvement
    project master list which allow user to view the status of both current and
    historical project
  • Auto generation of project Gantt
    Chart.  Highlighted in red colour
    whenever there is delay.
  • Enable management to do online review on
    project achievement. 
  • Comprehensive online report such as monthly
    project tracking, aging monitoring, cost saving,etc. 

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